Mortality, cancer incidence, and disability among professional drivers in Slovenia

  • Andrea Margan UKC Ljubljana, KIMDPŠ
  • Metoda Dodič Fikfak UKC Ljubljana
Keywords: healthy worker effect, occupational disability, standardised cancer incidence ratio, standardised disability ratio, standardised mortality ratio, standardised proportional mortality ratio


Literature data about all-cause and cause-specific mortality among professional drivers are inconsistent. Most studies report lower all-cause and higher cause-specific mortality. Higher cause-specific mortality is most often the result of malignant and circulatory diseases. The aim of our retrospective cohort study was to get a better insight into the mortality, cancer incidence, and occupational disability of the entire professional driver population in Slovenia (N=8,231) from 1997 to 2016 through standardised mortality ratio (SMR), standardised proportional mortality ratio (SPMR), standardised cancer incidence ratio (SIR), and standardised disability ratio (SDR). Total mortality was significantly lower than that of the general working population (SMR=0.49; 95 % CI=0.44–0.55). When SPMR was calculated, however, the risk of all-cause mortality increased to 1 (SPMR=1.00; 95 % CI=0.89–1.12), of cancer-related mortality to 1.13 (95 % CI=0.94–1.35), and of injury-related mortality to 1.25 (95 % CI=0.97–1.59). Cancer incidence was lower than in the general male working population for all types of cancer (SIR=0.66; 95 % CI=0.59–0.72), lung cancer included (SIR=0.56; 95 % CI=0.41–0.73). Occupational all-cause and cause-specific disability were also lower than in the rest of the working population. Even though all types of cancer and injuries were established among professional drivers in Slovenia, no major risk stand out. However, our findings may have been skewed by the healthy worker effect.

Author Biography

Andrea Margan, UKC Ljubljana, KIMDPŠ

Head of Center of Occupational and Traffic Medicine

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Margan A, Dodič Fikfak M. Mortality, cancer incidence, and disability among professional drivers in Slovenia. Arh Hig Rada Toksikol [Internet]. 2023Dec.1 [cited 2024Jul.14];74(4). Available from:
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