A unique case of a 70-hour decompression sickness latency

  • Hasan Kovačević Hyperbaric Medicine Polyclinic OXY, Pula
  • Julijana Franinović Marković Polyclinic Salus, Pula
Keywords: diving, hyperbaric oxygenation, neurological differential diagnosis, prophylactic decompression, therapeutic recompression


We report a unique and well-documented case of a type II decompression sickness with a latency interval of 70 hours. It may raise divers’ awareness and help medical practitioners to keep suspect divers under close observation longer than before and identify and treat DCS accordingly.

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Kovačević H, Franinović Marković J. A unique case of a 70-hour decompression sickness latency. AIHT [Internet]. 3Dec.2018 [cited 24May2019];69(4). Available from: https://arhiv.imi.hr/index.php/arhiv/article/view/998
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